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Subhumans (UK) + & Krime & Kuballa

Subhumans were, between 1980-85, one of the most prolific and original of the evolving UK punk scene.
Musical influences were a mix of Sex Pistols, Damned, and similar punk originators and prepunk bands like King Crimson and Frank Zappa, which led to a style of punk more intricate in its structure than their contemporaries, without losing the base energy and dynamics of punk.
Dick’s lyrics, at once socially aware and heavily critical of social norms, placed them in the anarcho-punk area, alongside Crass, Antisect, Conflict, and Flux of Pink Indians, who released the band’s first 3 EPs and their first LP „The Day The Country Died“, which became an instant classic.
After the next album, several European tours and 2 in the USA the band split up. Dick went on to join seminal ska-punk-reggae band Culture Shock, and met up with Phil and Trotsky again in Citizen Fish, who have so far recorded 7 LPs of their politipunk-ska songs and clocked up over 1000 gigs across the planet. Then in ’98 these 3 ex-Subhumans roped Bruce back in to reform Subhumans, to ’see what it felt like‘, and, it feeling rather excellent, have kept going with occasional touring and a limited release CD of old unused songs, „Unfinished Business“.
Since then, Subhumans have released a new album, „Internal Riot“, and toured in Europe, the USA and Australia.


KRIME – Stuttgart/Tübingen

Smart & dancable Punk with an attitude and an organ


KUBALLA – Stuttgart/Ludwigsburg

Punk Music for legendary Rock and Roll Truck Drivers