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Arvid Jonsson (Vocals) / Tommi Holappa (Guitar) / Han Fröhlich (Bass) / Sebastian Olsson (Drums)
What makes a group truly unique and memorable – is something that can’t be defined, learned, or bought. Call it talent, magic, or whatever you want, but GREENLEAF has it. A super group of the underground rock scene, featuring a revolving cast of fellow musicians who share a love of heavy fuzz rock, GREENLEAF has consistently defined what rock ’n‘ roll was, is, and should be.
Formed in late 1999 / early 2000 by guitarist Tommi Holappa, drummer Daniel Liden, bassist Bengt Bäcke and first assembled behind Lowrider vocalist Peter Bergstrand for their 2000’s eponymous debut EP, GREENLEAF welcomed Dozer frontman Fredrik Nordin for its 2001’s follow-up “Revolution Rock”; added Demon Cleaner guitarist Daniel Jansson for 2003’s “Secret Alphabets”; integrated Truckfighters singer Oskar Cedermalm in time for 2007’s “Agents of Ahriman”; and powered ahead behind reliable mainstay, guitarist Tommi Holappa, for 2012’s “Nest of Vipers”.
By the end of 2013, GREENLEAF was on the move again, bidding Cedermalm “adieu” and saying a hearty “hola” to a tandem of new recruits in frontman Arvid Jonsson and drummer Sebastian Olsson, who joined Holappa and long-serving bassist Bengt Bäcke in time to record (incidentally, with no outside help, guest musicians, or other additives) what has become GREENLEAF’s fifth LP “Trails and Passes”, released in May of 2014 via Small Stone Recordings.
2 years later, in February 2016, the quartet released a new album titled „Rise Above The Meadow“ via Napalm Records, welcomed Hans Fröhlich (ex-Grandloom) as new bass player, and joined the Up In Smoke Roadfest vol6 (featuring My Sleeping Karma, Greenleaf & Mammoth Mammoth).

Behrang Alavi (Vocals, Guitar)
Andreas Voland (Bass, Vocals)
Stephan Voland (Drums, Vocals)
Samavayo have been a trio since 2013. “Dakota” is their debut album in this formation.
All three band members grew up in East‐Berlin, in the neighbourhoods Lichtenberg and Friedrichshain. As a 10 year old kid, singer Behrang Alavi fled as a political refugee from his home country of Iran to Berlin, Germany. The brothers Andreas and Stephan Voland grew up in the DDR (East‐Germany) in East‐Berlin.
After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the city was open, letting in cultural influences from any foreign country. The capital city became a multi‐cultural melting pot where a singer from Teheran and two brothers from Berlin started making music. 500 live shows in Europe and overseas followed, including gigs in Brazil, Albania, Greece, Croatia and France. In April and May 2016 they will go on tour with there new abum “Dakota.”
Wall of sound of the 90s, Stoner Rock and Alternative Rock, bands like Kyuss, Monster
Magnet, QOTSA, Tool, bands from the 70s like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath.
2004 show at “Stoned from the Underground”
2005/2006 “Death.March.Melodies!” tours
2007 shows in Greece Italy, show in JVA Tegel (prison in Berlin)
2008‐2009 shows at “Rock am Ring”, “Hurricane”, “Highfield” and “Brandenburger Tor”
2009 BBC show at “Bushhall” in London, TV Report on BBC Persian
2010 show at Persian Rock Festival in London
2012 published first Persian Song “Roozhaye Roshan”
2013 shows in Albania; Live gig on the Albanian TV channel “Top Channel”
2014 shows in Croatia, Brazil; Video clip for the song “Roozhaye Roshan” (produced in Iran) –
2013‐2015 “Soul Invictus” Tours I, II & III
2016 show at Desertfest Berlin, Keep it low Munich, Krach am Bach Beelen, “Dakota” tour 2016
2017 “Cross the Line” Tour, shows at Desertfest Londin, “Stoned from the Underground”
2016 Trio‐debut LP “Dakota” (12′′ Vinyl, CD, download)
2015 Split 10” EP with The Grand Astoria (Vinyl, download)
2014 Split EP with One Possible Option (CD, download)
2012 “Soul Invictus” (12′′ Vinyl, CD, download)
2011 “Cosmic Knockout” (12′′ Vinyl, CD, download)
2010 “One Million Things” (12′′ Viny, CD, download)
2008 “Black EP” (CD, download)
2007 “White EP” (CD, download)
2005 “Death.March.Melodies!” (CD, 12′′ Vinyl, download)
2004 “Songs From The Drop‐Outs” EP (CD)
2003 “131” EP (10′′ Vinyl)


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